Features & Benefits: clearflow hose

Contaminated Water from Build-up? That familiar rubber smell has come back? Because of stagnant water, in the USA nearly every water hose sold today fails to meet drinking water standards.

Not just for potable drinking water, but garden, crops and aiamals too, garden hoses are unregulated and potentially hazardous, but our children animals and our gardens don’t have to drink from these unsafe conditions ever again. The Clear Flow™ compact water hose is lead free and drinking water safe. It is the best kink release garden hose on the market and backed by expert and consumer testimonials.

Ten year warranty standard. How good is your ten year old garden hose? Would you drink out of it?

  1. LIGHTWEIGHT: a twenty five foot (25') hose weight only xx ounces. A rubber hose weight yyy pounds. A 100 foot hose weight only zzz pounds, while a rubber hose that lengths weight over NNN pounds

  2. COMPACT: a 25 foot hose fits in a small briefcase. You can put three 100 foot hoses in an average sized backpack. You can't even get one rubber hose that long in one.

  3. DURABLE: this lifetime hose is made of polyurethane the "king of plastics". Expensive to buy as a raw material and very difficult to work with, it's unmatched in durability and longevity. One customer ran over their hose with a lawn tractor an stalled it. The hose still held pressure.

  4. SAFE: NSF approved for potable water, this hose is one of the very few you can use and still retain organic certification. Use a regular hose and you lose that certification. You can encourage your kids to drink from this hose!

  5. SELF DRAINING: no more stagnant water.

  6. TRANSPARENT: Infrared, UV and visible light pass right through the hose - no bacteria buildup, no "hot hose" syndrome from sun heated water.

  7. NON-FREEZING: Polyurethane is durable in hot and cold climates. This flat hose remains flexible until -40.

  8. KINK FREE & STURDY: Crush proof, leak proof, freeze resistant lead free nylon fittings on a high pressure water hose makes this the best garden hose in the world and has applications in a lot more areas than home and garden because of its unique physical properties.