glowing polyurethane unbreakable tape
patented in U.S. and Canada

Band-Its use a strap buckle to size Glow Bright elastic Band-Its for pets, and peoples arms, legs, waist, & hat bands

Mark anything you need to see in the dark quickly and easily with Glow Bright Overnight Everlastic tape for example tool handles, toolkits, scaffolding or cordon off restricted areas.

an easy, quick push on sleeve fits over arm of most glasses, are shock absorbent and light weight yet strong.

Farming and Industrial Uses
Perfect for wagons, tractors and other difficult-to-find-in-the-dark equipment. Just wrap with Glow Bright Overnight Everlastic tape and they're easy to find.

is durable but lightweight with a feathered edge, this light-energized stretch tape glows brightly for 8 to 10 hours with a 2-hour charge.

One hour of exposure to direct light gives up to 10 - 14 hours glow in the dark

Twist and stretch to create a moving streamer
Tie or stretch into place using hooks or fence posts
Use a buckle to make a giant elastic band
Use silicon caulking to adhere to surfaces
Use adhesive tape to anchor beginning and end of wrap
Simply sew or staple into place

Be safe and seen when out walking at night.
Belly Band-its for dogs and pets
Band-its for Pet-Owners

Ten feet of lightweight GloBright Overnight tape illuminates like bright moonlight in your tent and makes a great safety marker on your canoe.
Use it outside to mark: Campsites

Hiking and hunting trails
Dock edges
Waterways and ponds
Garden edges and walkways
Snowmobiles and helmets
Driveway entrances
For boating-it even floats

Around the House Use it to:
  • Mark light switches
  • Wrap table and chair legs Mark the edge of porches or stairs
  • Define driveway entrances and walkways
  • Mark helmets and hatbands
  • Cordon off trees and ditches
  • Even mark your pets collar

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